WOohoo!! We made it! Another year has passed, and we are here to embrace all that is new!! 2015 I decided I am going to be ridiculously happy!! I don't care what I do just that I need to laugh a lot everyday. I think that is important. Whatever it is..

On the art side: I'm working on some new art, combining line drawing with digital painting.. I'm allowing my experimentation with new techniques guide me to fit my life. Instead of trying to force an idealistic vision into a artistic life so I flipped it around. I started using the sensu brush on my ipad. Depending on the application you can really create some great effects with more of a painterly feel. I also am teaming up with Mindy Lacefield over at Tim Sally to create a online guest teaching video. If this goes well for me, I will be committed to create more teaching videos on that. 

On letting go: I've also started the year deciding that happiness will take work, it involves a committed daily ritual for my health, creativity, emotional and physical. It means that I have a list of things I like to get accomplished this year. It's throw up worthy and there are deadlines and financial commitments. So it is no easy task. But the last two years proven highly transformative and successful for me personally, I've developed a system that works for me. I find that it is great to have mentor or coaching help but the most powerful person is you and your values. Also trust, and carving time out to get it done.. So I'm just going to stick it through and hope for some pops!!! Desire, vision, mission statements, commitment and actions is all you need. 

On Forest Foundry Collective:  is doing amazing things!  We are currently preparing for surtex collections for MAY 2015 NYC! There a lot of other things happening with the group this year. I'm fantastically excited for us.  With our humble racing hearts even with our differences we are able to harmonize and continue on a vision for our group. Through action, love and compassion it is possible to work even harder, smarter, faster and better. We truly or phenomenal and innovative for being so far apart with different timelines still we manage this. This is the power of love of what you do. I've learned so much from everyone that I feel like I have a garden in my soul keeping me grounded and nourished for my art career!! For everyone chasing their artistic endeavors and stepping outside your current boundaries to explore and play. Do it often!! Especially the Art moms! Wishing everyone, joy, health and wealth for the new year!!

  New Studio Set Up! Excited more inviting and functional!! 

New Studio Set Up! Excited more inviting and functional!! 

 Water color pencils and pastel freestyle.. 

Water color pencils and pastel freestyle.. 


I don't have much I like to write today, I've been working on a family and work balancing act of taking care of my daughter while she has been sick, keeping up with social media and working on personal work and online assignments with Make Art That Sells. I have also came down with a cold. But I'm really happy that I was able to package most of the art that I think will work well this holiday season locally and sent to lovely http://kitschva.wordpress.com/ for sale. My illustration made it onto Bliss Blog at http://www.blissfulbblog.com/2014/11/juju-app I'm also part of the community with https://www.kickstarter.com/.../juju-brings-creativity. The Juju App you can download from your Iphone and create amazing mash up of icons to send out for personal or business correspondence. I designed a e-ccommerce page directly from my website home page http://butterpopstudio.com/ . There was a couple of personal commissions requested by moms for me to create characters for their rooms and or as holiday gifts. Together with Forest Foundry Collective we have just signed our 2015 contract for Surtex next may.  Butterpop Studio has 1847 likes on facebook and  daily followers on twitter with motar businesses and communities around the globe. Most recently, I just finished this New York City Poster, and may turn it into a series as there is just so much in my home town to capture!! I'm also very happy to be visiting the city this Thanks Giving weekend.  Gratitude is in our daily vocabulary in this household. To know that no matter what things are taking off and something is happening each month with the studio. Knowing the truth and act of persistence, trust, services I can provide with talents along with integrity things will show up. I leave you all with this quote and Happy Thanks-Giving!

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend." -Melody Beattie


Your Creative Voice

Your creative voice is a process no one can really give advice to. I mean there is starting part, where you maybe inspired by an artist. Or if you have a teacher or mentor from school to help guide you and give you resources. Though the creative voice is one that is silent it only speaks when you are working on your art. It reveals itself through the printed page, the computer screen, canvas, wood or art journal. It reveals in truth or lies. Though either or it is both valid. It is the process. It tells you that you suck. It tells you that you are making a master piece. It tells you that it's going to be okay, and I'm glad you drew me today. Your creative voice will not want you to work on art for days or weeks. It will also tell you stop forcing it to work and go out side. It will tell you to take a break. It will tell you not to rush. It will tell you omg this is amazing don't sleep!! It will tell you that you need to get up now and work on me because the house is quiet. OH IT WILL TELL YOU SO MANY THINGS.. But one thing for sure. Your creative voice is never dead. It is always there but sometimes it's just quiet sleeping like a baby.. xoxo 

It's Artist Q&Awe Hump Day. Today we interview Flora Chang!

So I figure we are half way through the week right? For creative freelancers like myself I can really use more buttery inspiration midweek, to take me to the end! It's like an extra pop of expresso in your coffee. Or a big gigantic hug from your child. I met Flora Chang during Lilla Rogers MATS class and I'm just so inspired by her art. The bold and gentle line qualities and the tons of characters she creates ALL THE TIME. She truly is the doodle queen. You can tell she is always buzzing her fingers away it doesn't stop and I relate to those lines like chinese character writing for instance. I think of  japanese animation too! Ofcourse her twist on folk art!!  It's simple but so rich and fun! Her interpretations are awesome! We both have very similar inspirational sources, coming from the same birth country with different experiences. I can relate and get a lot of energy when I see her work. It is happy, it is weird. It is fun. Always new! I wish we lived closer! Enjoy this Q & A as it was so meant to be today! 


1) I’m constantly amazed at your doodles and high turn over time on social networks to gain visibility and share your work. How has that been for you? Is it effective you think for your sales in your etsy shop? Is that your only marketing area for your art? 

I can't speak for other people, but for me, my social network traffic rarely translates into actual Etsy shop sales, but that's not why I share anyway. Facebook is my main outlet for sharing nowadays (I also have a Pinterest account). I love it when new people like my Facebook page, and I love to share my drawings there. I draw because it's a creative outlet for me. When my schedule permits, I like to share a little something everyday, or at least every other day, even though it might just be a quick silly doodle. I love reading people's responses and know that my drawings make them smile. 

2) You are from lovely Taipei Taiwan also my birth country yay! (I miss the food there so much!! haha ) I realize there is so much amazing folk art in Taipei & Asia did you start from there to get inspired with folk art and later into western/spanish folk art into your doodles. Or was it the other way around? What other artists and cultures inspire you? 

Actually, I think my love for folk art really starts here in the States. After I moved to Kansas City, I started to go to antique stores and flea markets whenever I had a chance, and I would see all kinds of old folk art objects which really speak to my heart. They just have such a naive and unpretentious quality, and I can see the hand of the artists on them, which is so attractive to me. I love folk art from all cultures, but I especially love Catholic devotional folk art, and whenever I see them in flea market I'll try to buy them if I can afford.

3) What did you do before Hallmark? If you can please share about working at Hallmark, how has it been for you? Do you think it helps with your art making process as a whole? Does it keep the momentum going you think ?

I was a graduate student in San Francisco before Hallmark. I started working for Hallmark as soon as I finished school in 2001, so I've been here for almost 13 years now. I can honestly say that I learn more by working at Hallmark than from school, especially when it comes to illustration, since I wasn't an illustration student; there are so many talented artists here and people are really generous to share their knowledge. Work load is heavy, just like any other jobs, plus I can't just draw whatever I want, but I consider myself very lucky to still have a job in this economy and I am doing what I love at work.

4) How is living in kansas city? Is it interesting? Is there a lot of culture and creativity there? Whats your favorite coffee shops or places you will recommend for creatives if they are visiting? 

Kansas City is the smallest city I've ever lived. I live in a suburb neighborhood called Overland Park on the Kansas side, and I work in Kansas City on the Missouri side (I know, it's confusing). I really do love living here; the only complain I have is the winter and the snow, but other than that, it's a very pretty place with lots of trees and very friendly people, and it's very affordable. Lots of creative people live here (I think part of the reason is because of Hallmark), and every first Friday of each month, lots of galleries in downtown open their doors with all kinds of art shows going on. On top of that, there is an area called "West Bottom" where TONS of vintage/antique shops holds their once-a-month sales during the first Friday weekend, definitely worth checking out. 

5 )Lastly, your after work life. What are some of the strategies or rituals to help you get back into that creative place in the evening? 

I don't really have any strategies; I just draw whatever I want or whatever comes to my head. If I don't feel inspired at all, then I do nothing and take a break for a day or two. Also, I don't limit myself within certain styles because I like to explore and try different things. Sometimes I like to do really graphic or colorful works, and sometimes I use only limited colors with organic line works. Luckily, my Facebook readers have all been pretty forgiving so far. :)

--You can check Flora out here on her Lovely site! Happy Doodle Land